London Bridge Station Redevelopment

London Bridge Station has recently completed a £1bn redevelopment that’s taken over five years to update the station and create a modern-day transport hub. The redevelopment has created more efficient transport links and improved transport services in London. This was achieved by expanding the number of platforms and creating a huge concourse to unify the station so that passengers can access the platforms from one centralised location.

London Bridge Station is the 4th busiest train station in the UK and the platforms are currently used by approximately 56 million passengers a year. By 2019 the capacity and service will increase to accommodate up to 96 million passengers a year. Staco Gratings UK worked with various contractors to provide pressed gratings type RR 2-20/33x55 for platform grills and AP 2-30/VMA stair treads with GRP anti-slip nosing for the steel escape stairs at the end of all 15 platforms.

The pressed grating type RR 2-20/33x55 is present in every platform across London Bridge Station. All these gratings are bound with a 20x3mm edge bar. As you can see from the images, various amounts of shaping were a requirement in order to fit the grills into their respective structures. These grills were all fully fabricated and galvanised before installation.

For the stair treads type AP 2-30/VMA, one of the key design requirements was to incorporate contrasting GRP anti-slip nosing. The treads which are located at the top of the stairs and landings required black GRP nosing and the other stair treads all required yellow GRP nosing. This differentiation for the nosing is required to conform to the regulations where black nosing is required to highlight the first/last tread on a flight of stairs.  The landings for the stair cases are created using a grid of AP 2-30/VMA planks. The stair treads and landing grids were also full fabricated and galvanised before installation.

Staco Gratings UK is proud and honoured to have provided our grating solutions to this historic and prestigious train station. In total Staco Gratings UK supplied nearly 1000m² of pressed grating, 200m² of landings and over 500 treads that put end to end would stretch over 1km. After visiting the station for feedback, one of the members of staff commentated that the added benefit of using our gratings for the grillage areas was that it prevents any litter from entering the underpass of the platforms.

 If you find yourself venturing into London Bridge Station anytime soon keep an eye out for our gratings along the platform.  If you like to find out more details about this project, our complete product range and our services that we can provide, feel free to call 01634 723372 or alternatively you can email Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube, where you can get up close and personal by viewing additional videos from this project.

Staco product used

Staco Gratings Type RR
Staco Gratings Type AP

Technical information

Staco Pressed gratings RR 2-20/33x55
Staco Perfo gratings AP2-30/VMA


London Bridge Station, London, UK



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